What do I need?

Counseling - All of us will, at some point in our journey, face a difficult life situation that feels bigger than what we can handle on our own. Whether you are facing a challenging relationship, a painful loss, or overwhelming depression or anxiety, we are here to help. 


Inner Healing Prayer - is the process of using guided prayer to gain emotional freedom and joy.  We will work together to develop your self-awareness and emotional well-being and to identify false beliefs that keep you from your greatest potential. Through Inner Healing Prayer, we invite Jesus to enter the pain of our past and to transform our painful memories and false beliefs.

Life Coaching - is a unique relationship designed to help you discover and realize your dreams, goals and desires. If you are not intentional about writing your story, life's pressures and demands will determine your destiny; however if it is authored purposefully, your story can be filled with deep meaning and fulfillment.

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